Various New Pics Various New Pics 102277369 Rear Exhaust Pipe There was once a 3 bolt flange where the two pipes connect, that snapped off leaving the pipe on the road. The pipe other wise was undamaged so i kept it around. I drove the truck for 2 years without the pipe. 101087179 Rear Exhaust Flange I used VHT high temp paint on the pipe to freshen up the look and the stuff is great. I cured it for 1 hour by running the engine once installed. It creates a tough coating much like powder coat that won t burn off. For a union i used a 3' diameter pipe about 5 inches long with 2 3" clamps to secure the two pipes together. I lined the inside with muffler cement to make a good seal. I used the original hanger repainted with a new bolt and washers. 101087178 Rear Exhaust Bumper Mount I had to fabricate a new bracket for the rear hanger to adapt to the custom bumper i built. I used bed frame rail angle iron and welded two pieces together to make an L bracket.. The original isolator bushing was re-used and bolts on to the side of the bracket. 101087180 101089602 101089601 Base Greenmeanie 101087183 101089582 Wiper Motor Removal of the centre window trim exposes the wiper motor and switch. I needed to access this to adjust the wiper arms which involves removing the 4 1/4 20 bolts, pulling the unit out far enough to tighten the set screw. 101087177 101087199 101087200 103624683 101089588 103624687 101739936 101089586 101087203 104354219 101739934 104354220 101739937 104354221 104354222 104354223 104354224